15 Best Thrift Stores in Cape Town

Cape Town, known for its vibrant culture and diverse shopping experiences, is home to some fantastic thrift stores. These shops offer a sustainable way to shop, providing a treasure trove of second-hand goods ranging from vintage clothing to antique home decor. Here are five of the best thrift stores in Cape Town for those looking to find unique items and bargains.

1. Second Time Around

  • Location: Long Street, Cape Town City Centre
  • Description: A favorite among vintage enthusiasts, Second Time Around is known for its quality selection of vintage clothing and accessories. The store has a nostalgic charm and offers items from different eras, making it a haven for retro fashion lovers.
  • Specialties: Vintage clothing, accessories, and unique costume pieces.

2. Afraid of Mice

  • Location: Long Street, Cape Town City Centre
  • Description: Afraid of Mice is a boutique-style thrift store offering a carefully curated collection of second-hand designer clothing and accessories. The store prides itself on its high-quality, fashionable pieces.
  • Specialties: Designer labels and contemporary fashion items at reduced prices.

3. The Mercy House Community Shop

  • Location: Claremont, Southern Suburbs
  • Description: This community-driven thrift store is known for its wide range of items, from clothing to books and household goods. The proceeds from the store go towards charitable causes, making every purchase a contribution to the community.
  • Specialties: Affordable clothing, books, homeware, and miscellaneous items.

4. Milnerton Flea Market

  • Location: Marine Drive, Paarden Eiland
  • Description: While not a traditional thrift store, Milnerton Flea Market is a must-visit for thrifty shoppers. This outdoor market offers a vast array of second-hand goods and collectibles, with vendors selling everything from vintage furniture to records and clothing.
  • Specialties: Vintage finds, antiques, collectibles, and second-hand goods.

5. BangBang Vintage Market

  • Location: Woodstock, Cape Town
  • Description: Situated in the trendy area of Woodstock, BangBang Vintage Market is a vibrant thrift store known for its eclectic collection of vintage and retro clothing. The store has a funky, youthful vibe and regularly updates its stock with unique finds.
  • Specialties: Retro and vintage clothing, accessories, and quirky items.

6. Vintage and the City

  • Location: Kloof Street, Cape Town City Centre
  • Description: This chic boutique specializes in high-quality vintage clothing and accessories. With a keen eye for fashion trends, Vintage and the City curates a selection that blends classic vintage with contemporary style.
  • Specialties: Vintage dresses, designer pieces, and accessories from various eras.

7. Retro Rags

  • Location: Observatory, Cape Town
  • Description: Situated in the quirky neighborhood of Observatory, Retro Rags is a treasure trove for retro fashion enthusiasts. The store offers a wide range of clothing and accessories from past decades.
  • Specialties: Retro and vintage clothing, particularly from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

8. Carousel

  • Location: Cavendish Connect, Claremont
  • Description: Carousel is a well-organized thrift store offering a mix of second-hand clothing, shoes, and accessories. The store is known for its quality items and affordable prices.
  • Specialties: Gently used clothing and accessories for all ages.

9. NeverNew

  • Location: Woodstock, Cape Town
  • Description: NeverNew is a stylish thrift store with a focus on sustainability. It features a range of clothing, homeware, and furniture, carefully selected for quality and uniqueness.
  • Specialties: Eclectic clothing, vintage furniture, and unique home decor items.

10. The Lot

  • Location: Claremont and Cape Town City Centre
  • Description: The Lot is a trendy thrift store known for its contemporary and fashionable selections. It caters to a younger crowd looking for stylish, affordable clothing and accessories.
  • Specialties: Modern second-hand clothing, streetwear, and accessories.

11. Maizie’s Closet

  • Location: Sea Point, Cape Town
  • Description: Nestled in the bustling Sea Point area, Maizie’s Closet is a small but charming store offering a selection of vintage and second-hand clothing. It’s known for its affordable prices and friendly atmosphere.
  • Specialties: Vintage dresses, skirts, and blouses, as well as a variety of accessories.

12. Dress For Less

  • Location: Woodstock, Cape Town
  • Description: A hidden gem in the Woodstock area, Dress For Less is a go-to for those seeking designer labels at thrift store prices. The store features a range of high-end clothing and accessories.
  • Specialties: Designer clothing, handbags, and shoes from renowned brands.

13. Rags & Lace

  • Location: Gardens, Cape Town
  • Description: Rags & Lace is a quaint thrift shop known for its curated collection of vintage and contemporary clothing. The store offers a cozy shopping environment and a variety of styles.
  • Specialties: Unique vintage pieces, contemporary clothing, and eclectic accessories.

14. Second Hand Rose

  • Location: Claremont, Cape Town
  • Description: Located in the heart of Claremont, Second Hand Rose is a favorite among locals for its quality selection of second-hand clothing and accessories, featuring both casual and formal wear.
  • Specialties: Quality used clothing, including dresses, suits, and jackets.

15. The Trading Post

  • Location: Woodstock, Cape Town
  • Description: The Trading Post in Woodstock is more than just a thrift store; it’s a treasure trove of antiques, collectibles, and vintage items. The store has a unique ambiance and is a must-visit for collectors and bargain hunters.
  • Specialties: Vintage home decor, antique furniture, collectible items, and quirky finds.

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