15 Best Restaurants in Kloof Street

Kloof Street House

Picture yourself in a Victorian sanctuary where classic South African cuisine gets a modern makeover. 30 Kloof St, Gardens, +27 21 423 4413. Think succulent lamb shanks drizzled with rosemary jus under crystal chandeliers, fresh seafood platters singing of the ocean, and a symphony of seasonal flavors dancing on your tongue. Impeccable service and an extensive wine list complete the timeless elegance.

The Pot Luck Club

Embrace the global wanderlust at this trendy haven for adventurous palates. 80 Kloof St, Gardens, +27 21 424 9505. Imagine a kaleidoscope of creativity bursting from every plate, taking you on an epicurean expedition across continents. Bold spices whisper secrets of distant lands, vibrant textures tease your senses with each bite, and the electric energy of shared plates and laughter ignites a celebration of diversity under one welcoming roof.

The Test Kitchen

Prepare for a Michelin-starred odyssey where South African inspiration soars to new heights. 375 Albert Rd, Woodstock, +27 21 447 0500. Each meticulously crafted dish is a masterpiece, a canvas where colors and textures intertwine to tell a story of the land. Unexpected combinations ignite fireworks on your tongue, challenging and delighting you with every bite. Witness culinary artistry at its finest, a symphony of flavors that lingers long after the curtain falls.

The Foodbarn Roof:

Ascend to a rooftop sanctuary where panoramic vistas of Camps Bay mingle with contemporary South African delights. 57 Victoria Rd, Camps Bay, +27 21 438 0075. Picture sunset hues painting the sky as you savor each bite, the city lights below twinkling like a constellation of culinary possibilities. Fresh, seasonal ingredients dance in perfect harmony with the ocean breeze, each dish a love letter to the vibrant Cape flavors. Soak in the sun, the clinking of glasses, and the intoxicating blend of flavors and views for pure bliss.

Claremont Kitchen:

Unwind in the comfort of casual camaraderie amidst a symphony of pizzas, pastas, and salads. Cavendish Square, Claremont, +27 21 673 6049. Imagine laughter echoing as friends gather around shared plates, the aroma of freshly baked pizzas warming every corner. Simple flavors executed to perfection, each bite a reminder that comfort food can be a symphony of its own. Relax, unwind, and savor the joys of good food and good company.

Royale Eatery:

Dive into a vibrant, modern oasis at Royale Eatery. Share tapas plates like juicy lamb ribs with mint pesto or crispy halloumi bites, or dig into their signature “Royale Burger,” a symphony of juicy goodness. Live music and handcrafted cocktails set the mood for a fun and flavorful gathering. (Cavendish Square, Dreyer St, Claremont, 7700, +27 21 914 9952)

Tiger’s Milk Claremont:

Plunge into a vibrant ocean of flavor at this trendy hotspot. Share sizzling tapas plates like peri-peri prawns and crispy calamari, or indulge in their legendary “Dirty Rump” burger. Vibrant cocktails and pulsating music make it a lively escape. (5 Phyllis Rd, Claremont, 7708, +27 21 674 2410)

Oblivion Bar & Kitchen:

This sleek and stylish eatery is a haven for contemporary comfort food. Dig into their signature mac & cheese, a molten masterpiece oozing with cheddar and truffle oil, or try their juicy pork belly buns, a flavor explosion in every bite. Don’t miss their creative cocktails and buzzing atmosphere. (45 Main Rd, Claremont, 7700, +27 21 671 0797)

Zapata Mexican Restaurant:

Immerse yourself in the fiesta of Mexican flavors at Zapata. Savor sizzling fajitas filled with juicy chicken, succulent steak, or fresh prawns, or dive into their creamy queso fundido with chorizo. Don’t miss their signature margaritas and live Mariachi music for a truly authentic experience. (53 Main Rd, Claremont, 7700, +27 21 671 2410)

Al’s Place Restaurant:

Step back in time to a classic Cape Town steakhouse at Al’s Place. Their aged steaks, sizzling from the grill, are the star of the show, cooked to your liking and paired with classic sides like creamed spinach and onion rings. Warm ambiance and friendly service make it a perfect choice for a relaxed dinner out. (72 Main Rd, Claremont, 7700, +27 21 673 7090)

The Village Bicycle:

Grab a coffee and pastry to fuel your Kloof Street shopping spree at The Village Bicycle. This charming cafe offers a cozy atmosphere with delicious brunch options like fluffy pancakes and flavorful quiches. Their freshly baked croissants and specialty coffees are perfect for a quick caffeine fix. (Shop 26, Cavendish Square, Dreyer St, Claremont, 7700, +27 21 683 4157)

J&S Sushi Claremont:

Savor the delicate artistry of Japanese cuisine at J&S Sushi. Masterfully crafted sushi rolls like the salmon avocado and spicy tuna tantalize your taste buds, while melt-in-your-mouth sashimi and tempura platters leave you wanting more. Their sleek minimalist setting and friendly service are the perfect backdrop for a delicious encounter. (Shop 51, Cavendish Square, Dreyer St, Claremont, 7700, +27 21 685 5065)

Korean Kitchen:

Embark on a culinary journey to Seoul at Korean Kitchen. Their bibimbap, a colorful bowl of rice with seasoned vegetables and a fried egg, is a delightful taste explosion. Don’t miss their savory kimchi pancakes and tender bulgogi, marinated beef cooked to perfection. (Cavendish Square, Dreyer St, Claremont, 7700, +27 21 683 7162)


Ignite your senses with the fragrant magic of Indian cuisine at Tadka. Their menu, a tapestry of spices and colors, features aromatic curries like butter chicken and creamy korma, as well as tandoori-grilled skewers and fresh naan bread. Vegetarians rejoice in their flavorful paneer dishes and lentil dals. (Cavendish Square, Dreyer St, Claremont, 7700, +27 21 673 4392)

Cafe Nood:

Refuel in a vibrant, casual setting at Cafe Nood. Their menu is a global smorgasbord, offering everything from steaming bowls of noodle soup to juicy burgers and fresh salads. Don’t miss their signature milkshakes, a delicious symphony of sweetness. (5 Kloof St, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001, +27 21 424 0439)

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