Sea Point, Cape Town- Things to do and Making Memories

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An affluent area known as Sea Point is located between Signal Hill and the Atlantic Ocean, with a prominent promenade running along the water’s edge from Green Point all the way into Mouille Point. The Sea Point Prom, as it is more often known, is a paved path that runs down the coastline and is sometimes crowded with people taking walks or jogs while breathing in the clean seaside air. There are a few parks along the promenade, and there is plenty of room for pets to go about unrestrained.

Aerial view of Sea Point

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Saunders Park

Despite being so close to the Atlantic, Sea Point is not a popular swimming spot. The sea is highly rough, and the shoreline is rocky, so most people keep out of it, save for a few brave local surfers. But visitors have a favorite place that is tucked away at the Promenade’s very end for people who want to cool off.

Saunders Park

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Walk the Labyrinth

One of the most beneficial consequences of the 2010 FIFA World Cup for the region is the Green Point Urban Park, a brand-new public space in Cape Town that is located in the shadow of the city’s stadium. It is immaculately maintained, open to the public, and has a lot of intriguing activities to check out, including a playground, an urban gym, and a family-friendly nature walk. 

Walk the Labyrinth

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Summers in Sea point

It can become warm in Sea Point throughout the summer, and nothing goes better with a leisurely stroll by the water than an ice cream. Fortunately, even for people with very high criteria, the neighborhood doesn’t fall short in this regard.

Stretch it out

More and more people are paying attention to the burgeoning yoga scene in Sea Point, where they may practice at any of the locations along Main Road. 

The Promenade

The most popular form of exercise in Sea Point is strolling or running along the Promenade’s secure and picturesque path. If you walk the entire length, it’s more than ten kilometers (six miles); most locals have favorite parts and times of the day to visit.

The Promenade

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For the book lovers

One for book enthusiasts is another hidden treasure along Sea Point Main Road. There is plenty there to fill any local bookcase or occupy book-loving tourists for the rest of their trip, especially on a wet day, and all proceeds go to charity.


A seawater swimming pool of Olympic dimensions is located next to Sea Point beach and has been used by Capetonians since at least the early 1950s. The Rocklands beach is a beach that is further away from the city.


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Three anchor bay

Three Anchor Bay borders Sea Point. Unlike Clifton and Camps Bay beaches, which are sandy, the beaches along this length are typically covered in mussel shells that have been raised by the surf. Large portions of the late Precambrian metamorphic rocks of the Malmesbury formation, which were created by low-grade metamorphism of fine-grained sediments, are the rocks that line the beaches at Sea Point.

Three anchor bay

Three Anchor Bay; Source credit- )

Top 12 things to do anytime in Sea Point

Sea Point, a vibrant and picturesque suburb of Cape Town, South Africa, offers a delightful mix of urban and natural attractions. Here are some top things to do when visiting Sea Point:

  1. Stroll along the Sea Point Promenade: This scenic walkway stretches along the Atlantic Seaboard and is perfect for walking, jogging, or simply enjoying the stunning ocean views. It’s a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.
  2. Enjoy the Beaches: While Sea Point itself doesn’t have sandy beaches, it’s close to several beautiful beaches, including Clifton and Camps Bay, where you can sunbathe, swim, and relax.
  3. Visit the Sea Point Pavilion Swimming Pool: This public sea water swimming pool complex is a great place for a swim with views of the ocean. It offers several large pools, including an Olympic-sized pool.
  4. Explore the Local Dining Scene: Sea Point has a diverse range of restaurants and cafes, offering everything from local South African cuisine to international dishes. The Main Road in Sea Point is lined with a variety of dining options.
  5. Shopping on Main Road: The Main Road in Sea Point is also known for its shopping, with a variety of shops, boutiques, and markets selling everything from clothes to souvenirs.
  6. Sunset at Signal Hill: Just a short drive from Sea Point, Signal Hill offers panoramic views of the city and is a fantastic spot to watch the sunset.
  7. Outdoor Activities: Sea Point is great for outdoor activities like cycling and rollerblading along the promenade, outdoor yoga, and fitness classes.
  8. Visit the Green Point Urban Park: Located close to Sea Point, this park is a wonderful green space for walking, picnicking, and enjoying nature. It’s also family-friendly, with a biodiversity garden and play areas for children.
  9. Attend Local Events and Markets: Check out local events, farmers markets, and craft markets that are often held in and around Sea Point.
  10. Art and Culture: Explore the local art galleries and cultural offerings in Sea Point and the surrounding areas.
  11. Nightlife: In the evenings, Sea Point’s bars and clubs come alive with a vibrant nightlife scene.
  12. Spa and Wellness: Treat yourself to a day at one of Sea Point’s many spas for some relaxation and pampering.

Sea Point’s combination of natural beauty, urban convenience, and a lively atmosphere makes it a great place to explore and enjoy a variety of experiences. Whether you’re looking to relax by the sea, enjoy good food, or engage in outdoor activities, Sea Point has something for everyone.

Nothing less than a seaside treasure, Sea Point perfectly embodies the spirit of this vivacious South African metropolis. This area perfectly captures the character of Cape Town with its breathtaking ocean vistas, lively promenade, and diverse community that embraces people from all walks of life. Whether you’re a native or a visitor, Sea Point has a special combination of scenic beauty, cultural diversity, and community spirit that makes it a special place to visit. 

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