Top 20 Seafood Restaurants in Cape Town

Cape Town, with its stunning coastline, is a haven for seafood lovers. The city’s restaurants offer fresh, delicious seafood dishes, ranging from traditional South African fare to innovative gourmet creations. Here are the top 20 seafood restaurants in Cape Town, each delivering exceptional culinary experiences.

1. Baía Seafood Restaurant

  • Location: V&A Waterfront
  • Description: Baía, located at the V&A Waterfront, is renowned for its spectacular views of the harbor and Table Mountain, along with its exquisite seafood offerings. The restaurant has a sophisticated ambiance, making it perfect for a special dining experience.
  • Specialties: Fresh oysters, prawns, and a variety of grilled fish dishes.

2. The Codfather Seafood & Sushi

  • Location: Camps Bay
  • Description: The Codfather in Camps Bay offers a unique dining concept with no set menu. Instead, guests can choose from a daily selection of fresh seafood and sushi. Its relaxed yet upscale atmosphere adds to the dining experience.
  • Specialties: Customizable seafood platters, fresh sushi, and sashimi.

3. Harbour House

  • Location: V&A Waterfront and Kalk Bay
  • Description: With locations at the Waterfront and in Kalk Bay, Harbour House provides a stunning oceanfront dining setting. Known for its fresh seafood and elegant presentation, it’s a favorite among both locals and tourists.
  • Specialties: Seafood platters, calamari, and line fish caught locally.

4. Willoughby & Co

  • Location: V&A Waterfront
  • Description: Located inside the V&A Waterfront shopping center, Willoughby & Co is a bustling spot popular for its delicious sushi and seafood dishes. It’s often regarded as one of the best places for sushi in Cape Town.
  • Specialties: Rainbow Reloaded sushi roll, tempura prawns, and fresh oysters.

5. Miller’s Thumb

  • Location: Tamboerskloof
  • Description: Miller’s Thumb is a cozy, informal restaurant known for its friendly service and flavorful seafood dishes. The restaurant offers a colorful, eclectic setting that complements its diverse menu.
  • Specialties: Fresh fish prepared with a variety of sauces and seasonings, calamari, and seafood curry.

6. The Deckhouse Crab Shack & BBQ

  • Location: Kloof Street, Gardens
  • Description: Known for its relaxed, rustic atmosphere, The Deckhouse Crab Shack specializes in American-style seafood, particularly crab and shrimp. It’s a great spot for a casual yet indulgent seafood feast.
  • Specialties: Crab dishes, shrimp, and a range of BBQ offerings.

7. Blowfish Restaurant

  • Location: Dolphin Beach, Bloubergstrand
  • Description: Offering panoramic views of Table Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean, Blowfish Restaurant is celebrated for its sushi and seafood. The setting is perfect for a scenic dining experience.
  • Specialties: Sushi, fresh oysters, and their famous seafood platters.

8. Panama Jacks

  • Location: Cape Town Cruise Terminal
  • Description: Tucked away at the Cape Town Cruise Terminal, Panama Jacks is a hidden gem known for its authentic portside ambiance and superb seafood. It offers a unique dining experience away from the usual tourist paths.
  • Specialties: Lobster, prawns, and a variety of fresh fish dishes.

9. Mariner’s Wharf

  • Location: Hout Bay Harbour
  • Description: Mariner’s Wharf in Hout Bay is not just a restaurant but a seafood destination. With its nautical theme and harbor setting, it provides a quintessential seaside dining experience.
  • Specialties: Fish and chips, seafood platters, and fresh catches of the day.

10. Ocean Basket

  • Location: Multiple locations across Cape Town
  • Description: Ocean Basket is a popular South African seafood chain known for its wide variety of seafood dishes at affordable prices. It’s a family-friendly option that consistently delivers quality and value.
  • Specialties: Fish and chips, Mediterranean-inspired seafood dishes, and platters.

11. Two Oceans Restaurant

  • Location: Cape Point
  • Description: Situated at one of Cape Town’s most iconic locations, Two Oceans Restaurant offers breathtaking views of the ocean. It’s known for its elegant setting and a menu that highlights the freshest seafood.
  • Specialties: Sushi, seafood platters, and dishes featuring locally-sourced fish.

12. Black Marlin

  • Location: Near Simon’s Town, on the way to Cape Point
  • Description: Set in a historic building, Black Marlin is a favorite for its stunning sea views and lush gardens. The restaurant serves a range of seafood dishes in a relaxed yet sophisticated ambiance.
  • Specialties: Seafood curry, grilled fish, and a selection of starters from the sea.

13. Harbour House Kalk Bay

  • Location: Kalk Bay Harbour
  • Description: Harbour House in Kalk Bay offers an authentic seaside dining experience. Located in a converted boathouse, it features floor-to-ceiling windows with panoramic ocean views.
  • Specialties: Fresh oysters, line fish, and signature seafood dishes.

14. Fish on the Rocks

  • Location: Hout Bay Harbour
  • Description: Fish on the Rocks is an informal eatery known for its traditional fish and chips. It offers a no-frills dining experience with flavors that speak for themselves.
  • Specialties: Classic fish and chips, calamari, and other fried seafood favorites.

15. Live Bait

  • Location: Muizenberg
  • Description: Overlooking the surfers’ paradise of Muizenberg Beach, Live Bait is popular for its contemporary seafood dishes served in a casual yet trendy setting.
  • Specialties: Grilled line fish, seafood pasta, and a variety of sushi options.

16. Sea Breeze Fish & Shell

  • Location: Bree Street, Cape Town City Centre
  • Description: Sea Breeze Fish & Shell, situated on the trendy Bree Street, is celebrated for its fresh, sustainably sourced seafood. The restaurant has a contemporary feel, with a menu that changes daily based on the freshest catches.
  • Specialties: Oyster bar, ceviche, and a variety of fresh fish dishes.

17. The Greek Fisherman

  • Location: V&A Waterfront
  • Description: The Greek Fisherman offers a Mediterranean twist on seafood. With views of the harbor, this restaurant combines a Greek-island ambiance with a menu that includes both Greek specialties and local seafood.
  • Specialties: Greek meze platters, seafood platters, and traditional Greek dishes.

18. La Perla

  • Location: Sea Point
  • Description: An institution in Sea Point, La Perla offers an upscale dining experience with a focus on Italian-inspired seafood dishes. The restaurant’s elegant setting and sea views make it perfect for special occasions.
  • Specialties: Seafood pasta, risotto, and a selection of grilled fish.

19. Ocean Blue

  • Location: Camps Bay
  • Description: Ocean Blue, located along the beautiful Camps Bay beachfront, is a great spot for casual seafood dining with stunning views. The ambiance is relaxed and friendly, ideal for family meals or a lunch after a beach day.
  • Specialties: Fresh seafood, salads, and a range of lighter lunch options.

20. Catch 22 Beachside Grille & Bar

  • Location: Table View
  • Description: Overlooking the picturesque Bloubergstrand, Catch 22 offers a vibrant atmosphere where guests can enjoy a wide variety of seafood dishes. The beachfront setting adds to the laid-back dining experience.
  • Specialties: Grilled seafood, Catch 22 platter, and their famous fish tacos.

Each of these seafood restaurants in Cape Town brings its unique flavor and style to the table, from the Mediterranean flair of The Greek Fisherman to the contemporary Sea Breeze Fish & Shell. These establishments are not just about food; they offer complete dining experiences that celebrate the bounty of the sea.

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