5 Best Live Music Restaurants in Cape Town

Cape Town has a vibrant live music scene, and many restaurants offer a great combination of delicious food and live musical entertainment. Here are five of the best live music restaurants in Cape Town:

  1. The Crypt Jazz Restaurant:

Located in the city center, The Crypt Jazz Restaurant is a renowned spot for live jazz performances and delectable dining. The restaurant is situated in the historic St. George’s Cathedral Crypt, offering a unique and intimate setting for jazz enthusiasts. Enjoy a diverse menu with South African and international dishes while listening to live jazz bands and artists.

  1. Mama Africa:

Mama Africa, situated on Long Street, is known for its lively atmosphere and live music showcasing African rhythms and sounds. The restaurant features a menu that highlights traditional South African cuisine, including dishes like bobotie and game meats. Live bands play a mix of African and world music, creating a festive dining experience.

  1. The Piano Bar:

The Piano Bar, located in De Waterkant, is a sophisticated venue offering live piano performances and an extensive wine and cocktail menu. Guests can enjoy an elegant dining experience while listening to talented pianists playing a range of genres, from classical to contemporary hits.

  1. The Crypt at The Crazy Horse:

The Crypt at The Crazy Horse, also in the city center, is a chic restaurant with live jazz and blues performances. It’s known for its stylish ambiance and a menu that combines international and South African flavors. Whether you’re dining in the cozy dining area or enjoying the music at the bar, it’s a fantastic spot for live entertainment.

  1. Café Roux:

Café Roux, with locations in Noordhoek and Cape Town’s city center, is a popular restaurant and live music venue. The establishment hosts an array of musicians, including local and international artists, performing a range of genres. The laid-back setting and tasty menu make it a great place to relax and enjoy live music.

These live music restaurants in Cape Town offer diverse musical experiences and culinary delights. Whether you’re a jazz enthusiast, a fan of African rhythms, or looking for a sophisticated piano performance, these venues provide a memorable evening of entertainment paired with excellent food.

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