10 Best Korean Restaurants in Cape Town

Korean cuisine is gaining popularity worldwide, and Cape Town is no exception. Here are five of the best Korean restaurants in Cape Town where you can enjoy authentic and flavorful Korean dishes:

  1. Seoul Korean Restaurant:

Seoul Korean Restaurant, located in the city center, offers a delightful dining experience with a menu that showcases classic Korean dishes. From bulgogi (marinated grilled beef) to bibimbap (mixed rice bowl) and a variety of flavorful banchan (side dishes), Seoul Korean Restaurant is known for its delicious and authentic Korean flavors.

  1. Shilla Korean Restaurant:

Shilla Korean Restaurant, situated in Gardens, is a cozy and welcoming eatery known for its diverse Korean menu. The restaurant offers a range of options, including barbecue dishes, hot pots, and savory stews. The friendly staff and authentic atmosphere make Shilla a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

  1. Masizzim Korean Kitchen:

Masizzim Korean Kitchen, located in Sea Point, specializes in hearty and comforting Korean dishes. Their menu includes delectable options like bulgogi beef and pork, kimchi jjigae (kimchi stew), and various rice and noodle dishes. The restaurant’s cozy interior and flavorful dishes make it a popular choice for Korean food enthusiasts.

  1. Geonbae Korean BBQ:

Geonbae Korean BBQ, found in the city center, offers a unique dining experience where you can grill your own meat at the table. This interactive approach to Korean cuisine allows you to savor the flavors of barbecue beef, pork, and other meats. It’s a fun and social way to enjoy Korean food with friends and family.

  1. Suki Yaki:

Suki Yaki, located in Sea Point, is a Korean-Japanese fusion restaurant that offers a blend of Korean and Japanese flavors. The menu includes sushi, sashimi, hot pots, and Korean barbecue options. Suki Yaki’s diverse offerings and cozy ambiance make it a great place to explore a fusion of Asian cuisines.

Certainly! Here are five more Korean restaurants in Cape Town where you can savor authentic Korean flavors:

  1. Koba Korean BBQ:

Koba Korean BBQ, located in the suburb of Camps Bay, offers a delightful Korean barbecue experience. You can grill a variety of meats, including bulgogi and samgyeopsal (pork belly), right at your table. The restaurant also offers traditional Korean dishes, such as bibimbap and kimchi jjigae, ensuring a well-rounded Korean dining experience.

  1. GunBae Korean BBQ:

GunBae Korean BBQ, situated in the city center, is known for its interactive Korean barbecue concept. Guests can grill their own meat, seafood, and vegetables at the table, creating a personalized dining experience. The restaurant also offers a range of classic Korean dishes, from spicy ramyun to hot stone bibimbap.

  1. Chichak:

Chichak, located in the suburb of Claremont, is a Korean restaurant that specializes in flavorful dishes like bulgogi, galbi (marinated beef ribs), and kimchi pancakes. The restaurant offers a cozy and casual atmosphere, perfect for enjoying traditional Korean cuisine.

  1. Saigon Korean Restaurant:

Saigon Korean Restaurant, found in Sea Point, is known for its diverse menu that combines Korean and Vietnamese flavors. You can enjoy Korean barbecue and hot pots alongside Vietnamese pho and spring rolls. This fusion restaurant offers a unique culinary experience for those looking to explore different Asian cuisines.

  1. Gangnam:

Gangnam, situated in the city center, is a contemporary Korean restaurant that blends traditional and modern flavors. Their menu includes classic Korean dishes, such as bibimbap and bulgogi, as well as innovative fusion creations. The sleek and stylish interior makes it a trendy spot for enjoying Korean cuisine.

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