15 Best Buffet Restaurants in Cape Town

Cape Town offers a variety of buffet restaurants that cater to different tastes and preferences. Here are five of the best buffet restaurants in Cape Town where you can enjoy a diverse range of dishes:

  1. The President Hotel:

The President Hotel, located in Bantry Bay, offers a renowned Sunday buffet brunch with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. The buffet includes a selection of seafood, meats, salads, and a delectable dessert spread. It’s a popular choice for a leisurely Sunday meal with family and friends.

  1. Tobago’s Restaurant at Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront:

Tobago’s Restaurant, situated at the Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront, offers a buffet with an extensive array of dishes. You can enjoy seafood, international cuisine, and South African specialties while taking in stunning views of the ocean. The restaurant also features live music during some buffet evenings.

  1. Gold Restaurant:

Gold Restaurant, located in the city center, offers an African-inspired buffet experience. The buffet showcases flavors from across the African continent, including South African bobotie, Moroccan tagines, and Nigerian jollof rice. Live entertainment and interactive drumming sessions add to the unique atmosphere.

  1. The Square Restaurant at The Vineyard Hotel:

The Square Restaurant at The Vineyard Hotel, situated in Newlands, offers an elegant buffet dining experience. The restaurant features a variety of dishes, including international cuisine and South African favorites. The tranquil garden setting and picturesque views of Table Mountain make it a delightful choice.

  1. The Raj Indian Restaurant:

The Raj Indian Restaurant, with multiple locations in Cape Town, offers a buffet option for those craving Indian cuisine. The buffet includes a range of Indian dishes, from aromatic curries to tandoori specialties. It’s a great choice for fans of Indian flavors looking for a buffet experience.

  1. The Cape Milner Hotel:

The Cape Milner Hotel, located in Tamboerskloof, offers a popular Sunday buffet lunch with a selection of delicious dishes. The buffet includes a range of salads, hot dishes, carvery options, and delectable desserts. It’s an ideal spot for a relaxed Sunday meal with friends or family.

  1. The Cattle Baron Grill & Bistro:

The Cattle Baron Grill & Bistro has several locations in Cape Town, and some of them offer buffet options. Known for their steaks, the buffet often includes a variety of meat dishes, salads, and sides. It’s a great choice for carnivores looking for a hearty meal.

  1. Moyo Restaurant:

Moyo Restaurant, located at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, offers a buffet that combines African flavors with stunning natural surroundings. The buffet features an array of African-inspired dishes and a dessert spread. Dining at Moyo is an immersive experience, and you can enjoy your meal while taking in the garden’s beauty.

  1. The Bay Hotel:

The Bay Hotel, situated in Camps Bay, hosts a weekly seafood buffet on Fridays. The buffet includes a selection of fresh seafood, salads, and desserts, all while enjoying breathtaking ocean views. It’s a fantastic choice for seafood lovers looking to indulge in a coastal setting.

  1. The Square at the Vineyard Hotel:

The Square at the Vineyard Hotel, located in Newlands, offers a popular Sunday brunch buffet. Guests can enjoy a variety of breakfast and lunch dishes, including pastries, cold cuts, hot breakfast items, and a dessert station. The restaurant’s picturesque garden setting adds to the charm.

  1. The Brasserie at The Cape Milner Hotel:

The Brasserie at The Cape Milner Hotel offers a daily breakfast buffet that includes a variety of hot and cold options, as well as a selection of pastries and fresh fruits. It’s a convenient spot for a hearty morning meal in the city.

  1. The Golden Dish:

The Golden Dish, located in Salt River, is a popular spot for Cape Malay cuisine. They offer a buffet on Fridays that features traditional Cape Malay dishes, such as bobotie, bredie, and samoosas. It’s a great way to experience the rich flavors of Cape Malay cooking.

  1. The Table Bay Hotel:

The Table Bay Hotel, situated at the V&A Waterfront, hosts a Sunday buffet lunch with a wide range of culinary delights. The buffet includes fresh seafood, carvery options, salads, and an impressive dessert selection. The elegant setting with waterfront views enhances the dining experience.

  1. Nelson’s Eye Restaurant:

Nelson’s Eye Restaurant, located in the city center, is renowned for its steaks and meat dishes. On Sundays, they offer a carvery buffet featuring a selection of roasted meats and trimmings. It’s a must-visit for those craving a classic South African meat feast.

  1. Simon’s at Groot Constantia:

Simon’s at Groot Constantia, found in the historic Groot Constantia wine estate, offers a buffet lunch that combines South African and international flavors. Guests can savor a variety of dishes while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the wine estate.

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