Siruli Mahaveer Temple- History, Architecture, Entry Timings, How to Travel, and Much More!

If you ever wanted to get immersed in the beauty of chants and rhythmic recitations of ancient shlokas and invoke the blessings of Lord Hanuman, then step into this wonderful place where the divine aura is enveloped with the energy of devotion and spirituality.

Buddhir balam yasho dhairyam nirbhayatvam arogayam |
Aajnā karmasakalam drutireva cha vānarottam ||

This shlok signifies the divine qualities bestowed by Lord Hanuman- intellect, health, fame, courage, and fearlessness. It highlights the essence of devotion to Lord Hanuman with the blessings he bestows on his devotees.

About 33 kilometers away from the city of Puri is the Lord Hanuman-dedicated Siruli Mahaveer Temple. Although the temple is a significant place of worship and has great religious significance, it is not well renowned for its architecture. One of the three major Hanuman shrines in Odisha, the others being Sidha Mahaveer in Puri and Panchamukhi Hanuman in Cuttack.


History Of Siruli Mahaveer Temple

In the 12th century AD, Anangabhima Deva III, according to some, built the temple, although according to others, Chodaganga Deva built it in the sixth century AD. The current building is located on a plot of land that is about five acres large.

The most significant days for the shrine are Tuesdays because Lord Hanuman has been entitled to this special day for the prayers of his devotees. Hanuman Jayanti is fervently performed in the shrine in the month of April. The temple also observes Makar Sankranti, Dola Purnima, and Rama Navami as prominent holidays.


Architecture Of Siruli Mahaveer Temple in Puri

The temple is divided into four sections: the sanctum (Vimana), the dance hall (Nata Mandira), the prayer hall (Jagamohana), and the offering hall (Bhoga Mandapa). The temple is south-facing and made of laterite and sandstone. Two lion statues, one on either side of the temple’s main entrance. The Lord Ganesha, Shivalinga, Mahisamardini Durga, and a bull are depicted on its outside walls. The Navagrahas (nine planets) of the solar system are engraved over the eastern side of the shrine’s entrance. In front of the shrine stands a mature peepal tree.

Lord Hanuman, the temple’s presiding deity, is represented by a 10-foot-tall standing idol in the main shrine. A single piece of black chlorite stone was used to sculpt it. The carved idol shows the deity ready to slay the demon Murasura with a knife in his left hand and the Gandha Mardana mountain in his right hand.

A Shivalinga with a seven-hooded serpent has been carved on top of Lord Hanuman’s head. Lord Hanuman can also be seen portraying Lord Rama and Goddess Sita in the form of his torn heart. The idol of Anjani, the deity’s mother, is located to the right of the pedestal on which the idol has been placed.

Things To Explore in Siruli Mahaveer

Visitors may also pay their respects at the Bedi Hanuman Temple, Jagannath Temple, Gundicha Temple, Loknath Temple, and other revered locations inside the city. Additionally, they can go to Puri’s tranquil beaches, such as Golden Beach, Swargadwar Beach, and Blue Flag Beach.


Entry Timing and Ticket Price into Siruli Mahaveer Temple

The Siruli Mahaveer Temple in Puri does not charge entry fees. The temple opens at 4:30 AM in the morning and closes at 1 PM in the afternoon. Again, it opens at 4 pm and closes at 10 pm in the evening. Every day of the week, this holy location is open for offering prayers.

How to Travel to Siruli Mahaveer Temple, Puri

Siruli Mahaveer Temple Puri Address- Chandanpur Bazar Rd, Chandanpur, Puri, Odisha, 752001, India

The Siruli Mahaveer Temple Puri is located roughly 22 kilometers from the Puri Railway Station. On the other hand, this sacred location is roughly 21 Kilometers from the Puri Bus Stand. You can easily get to the Siruli Mahaveer Temple by taking a private cab or an auto rickshaw from the bus stop or the railway station.

The closest airport to Puri is the Biju Patnaik International Airport in Bhubaneswar, which is 60 kilometers away. Visitors can either take a train from the Bhubaneswar Railway Station to Puri, or they can book private taxis from Bhubaneswar. As an alternative, visitors might also take a bus to come here from Bhubaneswar.

Things To Remember While Visiting Siruli Mahaveer Temple


  • Shoes should be stored in the specified area on the property.
  • It is not permitted to throw trash on the property.
  • Visitors can buy Puja supplies from the small stores outside the temple.

A sacred and respected temple, Siruli Mahaveer Temple has great religious significance for its followers. The temple provides a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere for worship and introspection because it is tucked away in a lush green setting. Devotees from all over the world come here in search of blessings, comfort, and divine intervention in their life. The Siruli Mahaveer Temple attracts spiritual seekers with its unique architectural elements, brilliant colors, and beautiful ambiance. One can connect with the divine, feel a strong sense of devotion, and find comfort in Lord Hanuman’s presence by going to this temple. It is a location where devotees can make prayers, ask for direction, and have a profound sense of peace and fulfillment.