Sakhigopal Temple Puri (Ancient Story, Activities, Timings, and Directions)

While travelling in the roads of Puri, we capture serene feelings within us. Crossing the crowds, entering the temple and looking at those captive eyes of the Dark lord Jagannath empties everything inside. That’s what city of Puri embraces, the essence of Lord. Among all these aura of tranquillity, the one that motivates the travellers to cross few miles and take a view of the temple is Sakhigopal. They say the visit to the temple of Puri is incomplete until the visit of this auspicious sight. 


On the way, Puri to Bhubanaeswar highway, around 20 kms away from the Jagannath Temple, Puri this beautifully architect temple is built dedicated to Lord Krishna. This sacred place is believed to be built in 11th century. 


This temple embodies an uniqueness in its food offered by the devotees. The food made here is of wheat where all the other Vishnu temples offer food made of Rice. This rightly refers to “Everything is His wish.”

Sakshi Gopal Temple, Puri

Ancient Story About Sakhigopal Temple

The story of this temple revolves among the legends. Among these, one of them depicts that the shrine is built by the grandson of Lord Krishna, King Vajra who is believed to built other holy shrines around the country devoting to the Lord Krishna. 


Another mythological story that has stayed within the people of Odisha is about a young village boy who fell in love with a girl of the same village. The boy was poor and the girl was the daughter of the headman of the village, who didn’t gave consent to their marriage. Later, that year all the villagers along with the headman and the boy went to Kashi on a pilgrimage. 


During their journey, the Headman fell ill. While the other villagers went forward, the boy stayed and took care of him. Seeking all the care the headman agreed to the marriage of the boy to his daughter. But denied his promise once they returned. Elsewhere, he said the boy to get a evidence to prove his claim. 


This was the moment when the boy’s eyes opened and he felt the betrayal. He prayed Lord Krishna with all the devotion. Watching the truth and loyalty of his prayer, Lord felt lovingly welcomed and appeared as a cow herder, Gopal. HE agreed to be the witness but with one condition. The boy has to walk ahead of Him and won’t look back in the journey. If he does so, the Lord will stop at the same place and won’t go ahead. The boy agreed and Lord followed him. 


The boy once turned around to see the Lord because he could not hear his footsteps as they crossed a sandy area. Lord became a statue of stone in an instant. The heartbroken boy summoned the entire community, showed them the statue of Lord Krishna, and told them the truth. The people were persuaded by this to believe him, and they eventually gave the couple permission to get married. The locals began to worship the Lord in a modest temple and began referring to him as “Sakshi Gopal,” which is Hindu for “the God who was a witness.”


Amla Navami is one of the main holidays observed at the shrine. During the event, a lot of devotees visit this temple. On this unique occasion, worshippers are permitted to touch Goddess Radha’s feet. The temple also puts a lot of energy into its celebrations of Janmashtami, Radha Ashtami, and Holi.

Sakhigopal temple

The Sakhigopal Temple, Puri's Architecture

The shrine displays Kalinga-style architecture and resembles the well-known Jagannath Temple. Its main verandah contains a number of bells, and the hall’s walls are decorated with lovely patterns. A big figure of Lord Krishna playing the flute and a bronze statue of Goddess Radha standing by his side is found in the main sanctuary.

Sakhigopal temple, Puri

Sakhigopal Temple activities

Visitors can visit the well-known Jagannath Temple in Puri in addition to admiring the shrine’s architecture and making prayers to the gods there. Additionally, they may spend some quality time at the calming Puri Beach while taking in the cool sea breeze and unwinding on the sand.

Sakhigopal Temple Hours and Entry Prices

Every day of the year, from 6 am to 9 pm, the temple is open. The shrine has no admission charge.

Directions to Sakhigopal Temple, Puri

About 1.5 kilometres separate the Sakshi Gopal Temple from the Puri Railway Station. On the other hand, the distance to the Puri Bus Stand is roughly 2.7 kilometres. From the bus stop and the train station, you may quickly and easily use private cabs, auto rickshaws, and battery-operated rickshaws to get to the temple.


There are currently no airports in Puri; the closest one is the Biju Patnaik International Airport in Bhubaneswar, which is located about 57 kilometres away. The list of top vehicle rental firms in Bhubaneswar and Puri allows travellers arriving by plane to Bhubaneswar to book private cabs. As an alternative, they can go to the Bhubaneswar Railway Station and board a train that would take them to Puri in just over an hour. Visitors can board AC buses to get to Puri from a bus stop outside the railway station.

Observations to make when visiting Sakhigopal Temple, Puri

  • Temple interior photography is prohibited

  • Littering on the property should be prevented

  • Beware of priests who may request payment to conduct specific poojas.

Rejoice the calming sensations filled in Puri and enjoy the journey with the fun filled activities. You will never come empty after the holy darshan of Lord Jagannath. The treasure of memories and the peace within will always be present. Whenever you close your eyes and remember him with all the love, you will be reminded of His “Chaka Dola”. Have a great visit. Jai Jagannath!