Narendra Pokhari, Puri – History, Timing and Best Time to Visit

I remember the day I stepped into the cool, enchanting realm of Narendra Pokhari, which captivated me with its divine beauty and mesmerizing aura that surrounded it perfectly. It was like the time had stood still, and I could feel a deep sense of connection and spirituality permeating the air. The aura of fervor at Narendra Pokhari further heightened the spiritual connection I had there. The Lord Jagannath temple is a symbol of the adoration and devotion that the populace has for him. My entire being was filled with a spiritual symphony that was echoed by the melodic chants, the scent of incense, and the sincere prayers made by devotees.

Narendra Pokhari is located near Shree Jagannath Temple and is regarded as Odisha’s largest artificial pond. Numerous tourists and worshippers stop by this sacred tank throughout the year. Narendra Pokhari is a vast region with an island in the center where a tiny shrine called Chandana Mandapa has been erected. A sturdy bridge connects the temple to the tank’s southern shore.

Due to the numerous small and large temples that are located close by, the tank is regarded as a holy location. It provides a place for pilgrims to take sacred baths and covers roughly 16 ghats. When festivals are celebrated, especially Chandan Yatra, the area comes to life and rejoices the fervent festival to its peak. Another thing that attracts many people to the location is the laser show that lights up the sky at night.

Narendra Pokhari

History of Narendra Pokhari in Puri

This tank was constructed in the 15th century AD by Narendra Dev, the brother of Gajapati Kapilendra Deva, the ruler of Puri at the time. Due to its connection to Lord Jagannath’s Chandan Yatra, this tank also goes by the name Chandana Pushkarini. 

Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra, and Devi Subhadra idols are brought to the pond in a procession during the Chandan Yatra festival, which is observed in the Baisakhi month of the Hindu calendar – June and July – and when these idols are cleansed with sandalwood paste. After that, The idols are taken for a boat ride in the pond. The name of this boat journey is Chapa Khela.

The Incredible Architecture of Narendra Pokhari in Puri

The pond’s water level is around 10 feet lower than the level of the current road. Khondalite stones construct the flight steps of Narendra Pokhari’s main ghat.

Things to Explore in Narendra Pokhari in Puri

Visitors at Narendra Pokhari are welcome to unwind on the stairs and take in the tranquil surroundings. The place’s refreshing breeze will undoubtedly calm the senses. Also accessible to visitors is the Chandana Mandapa Temple. Also, Fried Paddy is available here, which may be used to feed the pond’s school of fish.

Along with Narendra Pokhari, visitors to Puri can explore a number of other significant landmarks, such as the indispensable Jagannath Temple and other well-known monuments including Loknath Temple, Gundicha Temple, Golden Beach, and Markandeshwar Temple.

How to Travel to Narendra Pokhari in Puri

Narendra Pokhari Puri Address: Puri, Odisha, 752002, India

A mere 1.6 kilometers and 2.7 Kilometres, respectively, separate Narendra Pokhari from the Puri Bus Stand and Puri Railway Station. You may readily get auto rickshaws, battery-powered rickshaws, and private taxis to go to Narendra Pokhari from the bus or train terminal.

Between the Puri Bus Stand and the Puri Railway Station, Narendra Pokhari is only 1.6 km away and 2.7 km away, respectively. From the bus or train terminal, you may readily get auto rickshaws, battery-powered rickshaws, and private taxis to get to Narendra Pokhari.

Things To Remember While Visiting Narendra Pokhari


  • Visitors should exercise additional caution around the pond because it may be slick where the steps descend.
  • It is best to refrain from throwing trash on the bank.
  • Photography is allowed near Narendra Pokhari.

A tranquil and beautiful water tank in Puri, Narendra Pokhari is incredibly significant historically and culturally. It stands as a tribute to the rich legacy of the area, encircled by lush vegetation and embellished with stunning architecture. The serene waters of Narendra Pokhari have stood the test of time, offering locals and visitors alike a site of worship, pleasure, and introspection. Its significance is further enhanced by its connection to the well-known Rath Yatra event, as it is essential to religious rituals and celebrations. A trip to Pokhari gives a serene escape from the busy metropolis, enabling one to connect with nature, take in the old-world atmosphere, and feel at peace. It is a location where the spiritual and natural worlds harmoniously converge, where the past and present coexist. A hidden gem in Puri, Narendra Pokhari provides visitors with a window into the area’s rich cultural tapestry and leaves an enduring impact.