Markandeswara Temple, Puri – Timing, Photos and History

Whenever we speak about the place Puri, ultimately the face of Lord Jagannath comes in front. Puri, a place of tirtha, a place that is fulfilled with the blended fragrance of God and their devotees. The place whose air is filled with numerous stories and every piece has a profound meaning within. A lot of secrets still that’s yet to be acknowledged and remain spellbound about.

Among the most mysterious places of Puri, Markandeswar is an evident temple showing its holiness to the depth. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, which lies close to the Jagannath  temple, Puri. The temple is also famously known as Markandeswar Mahadeva Temple and Markandeya Shiva Temple. As there’s a belief that here Rishi Markandeya meditated in devotion to Lord Shiva, this shrine was built in His memorial in 12th century.

Markandeswara Temple in Puri

Ancient Story Of Markandeswar Temple

As we go through the mythological stories, it reveals that Lord Shiva once saved Rishi Markandeya while facing a great danger at the sea. After this incident Markandeya’s devotion had no boundaries and he placed shivalinga at the same spot where God saved him and started meditating in dedication to Lord. So, this place came to be known after this devoted Sage, Markandeya. According to the historical records, Ganga Dynasty  built the present temple around 12 th century.

Architecture of Markandeshwar Temple, Puri

Markandeswara temple is painted white-colored, with small structures with sharp carving designs at the top. The temple lies adjacent to Markandeswar Puskarini (tank) is believed to be the initiation of Puri Pilgrimage. This tank is enclosed by a stone wall, made up of laterite blocks. This is an open structure that serves as a place for rituals and bathing. The rituals include Mundan kriya, Pinda Dana etc are performed with all divinity on the steps of this tank.

Activities in Markandeshwar Temple, Puri

Markandeya Sarovar is believed to be a holy river where the pleasant wind relaxes the body and mind which embraces tourists to rest on the steps of the puskarini (Sarovar). Besides offering the prayers, the hidden tall coconut trees, the cooling breeze, sanctity of the place brings a soothing resplendent within the being. Additionally, there are other temples which are fulfilled with holiness including Shree Jagannath Temple, Lokanath Temple, Gundicha temple and Ramchandi Temple.

Markandeshwar Temple Puri Timings and Entry Price

The Markandeshwar Temple does not charge an entrance fee. Every day of the week, from 5 am to 12 noon and 4 pm to 9 night, it is open.

How to Reach Markandeshwar Temple, Puri

The Markandeshwar Temple is located at 2.9 Kilometers from the Puri Bus Stand and 4.1 km from the Puri Railway Station. Every day, numerous interstate and intrastate trains and buses arrive in Puri. From the train station and bus stop, you may easily get private taxis, auto rickshaws, battery-operated rickshaws, and cycle rickshaws to get to the temple.
The Biju Patnaik International Airport in Bhubaneswar is the closest airport to the temple; it is situated about 59 kilometers away. Puri can be reached by car in about an hour or so from the airport in Bhubaneswar. Visitors can choose private taxis from the best Bhubaneswar car rental providers or take the local bus service to get to the city without any problem.

Insights when visiting the Markandeshwar Temple, Puri

  • Footwear is not permitted inside the temple grounds.
  • Particular caution should be exercised near the tank, especially if there are children present.
  • It is definitely forbidden to damage the property in any way or leave trash there.

Being among the panch tirtha of Puri, this place resides spirituality and peace. While the roads of Puri is a blessing, this place takes its own sole space and gets imprinted in the heart. This is a real sacred place where your surreal emotions  will flow in the puskarini of Markandeswara.