Deojhar Waterfall – Ways to reach, the best time, and things to remember!

Locals refer to the Deojhar waterfall as the “DianDhar waterfall.” Deojhar waterfall, one of Odisha’s most stunning waterfalls, is located in the Narasinghpur Block of the Cuttack District. The Deojhar waterfall is renowned for its unspoiled beauty and surroundings amid a beautiful forest. This location is thus among the top picnic areas nearby Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. In the Talapunji village, part of the Athagarh subdivision, near the Narasinghpur block, is the Deojhar waterfall. The Deoghar waterfall is approximately 30 feet tall.

Deojhar Waterfall, Cuttack

Ways To Reach Deojhar Waterfall

It is about 100 kilometers away from Cuttack City. Two routes depart from Bhubaneswar. One route will be roughly 122 km long and go from Banki through Athagarh to Narsinghpur. The other will go 114 kilometers to Khorda via Kantilo.

Things To Remember


There are no mobile networks or communications in this region. The Deojhar Waterfall is not near a snack bar, motel, lodge, gas station, or ATM.

Best Time To Visit Deojhar Waterfall


Deojhar Waterfall doesn’t flow throughout the summer. Consequently, “August to February” is the best time to travel.

Opening Timings


Deojhar waterfall usually opens from morning 6 A.M to evening 6 P.M.