Barunei Hill and Temple- History, Architecture, Visiting Time, and Many More!

Maa Barunei and Karunei Temple and Hills are not at much distance from Bhubaneswar and it is only 5 Km from Khordha towards East and South nearby the National Highway No. 5. It is one of the Shaktipeeth in Odisha. The temple is surrounded by the picturesque scenery of a waterfall called Swargaganga and hills surrounding the temple from every side and angle. Besides these, the temple is also surrounded by mangroves and is a treat to the eyes and also to snap beautiful snaps. The main prasad of Devi Barunei is a rice pudding that just tastes just like the nectar of Gods. With Rajo Sankranti being celebrated fervently for three straight days, one is sure not to take any chance to miss the celebrations, delicacies, and fairs organized and be mesmerized.

Barunei Hills
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History Of Barunei Hills

Orissa lost her freedom after Mukundadev was killed in Gohiratikra in 1568 AD. As the Bengali Muslims took control of the kingdom, there was increasing unrest, chaos, and chaos everywhere. Rama Chandra Dev, the son of Bhoi dynasty leader Danai Vidyadhar, established his capital at Khordha at the base of Barunei hill. This location was a gift from Vala Vikram Singh of Kholapala to him. Rama Chandra Dev received backing from Bagha Patra of Kokkal, Jhadu Parida of Ghoradia, and Sarani Patra of Mallipada to create the Khordha Kingdom. Rama Chandra Dev gave his new nation’s capital the name Jagannathpur Katak in honor of Lord Jagannatha, the god who had been restored to this location following Kalapathara’s sacrilege.


Two Khordha Bhoi dynasty deities are Karunei and Barunei. The presiding deities are thought to be replaced by Jaya Durga and Kanak Durga, who are worshiped at the priest’s home. These two Durga statues were transported to Barunei Pitha for adoration during Dussehra. Following the relocation of the Bhoi dynasty’s capital to Puri, Jaya, and Kanak Durgas were also brought and placed there. At the base of the Barunei hill, Karunei and Barunei remained in their original shrine. Karunei and Barunei get sarees and mahaprasad from the Jagannath temple during Dussehra. Karunei and Barunei still reside at their original shrine at the foot of Barunei Hill. 


According to legend, Gajapati Purusottam Deva brought Ganesh, Sakhigopal, Karunei, and Barunei after defeating the monarch of Kanchi. The Paika community reveres Barunei and Karunei as the khetreswari of the Khordha fort. It is stated that the Muslim invaders conquered the Paikas and weakened the Sakti of Devi by sacrificing a cow. The great medieval poet Balaram Das‘ Oriya masterpiece “Bata Avakasa” contains a description of twin goddesses.

Architecture Of Barunei Temple

Both tourists and locals like visiting Barunei Hill in the Khordha district of Odisha because of its breathtaking natural beauty and significant historical past. The hill is home to the Barunei Temple, a historic temple honoring Goddess Barunei, and it provides sweeping views of the hills and forests nearby.


With elaborate carvings and sculptures covering the walls and pillars of the shrine, the temple’s architecture is a shining reflection of Odisha’s rich cultural legacy. A statue of the goddess is housed in the temple’s main sanctum, and the grounds also contain a number of lesser shrines to other gods.


Barunei Hill’s surroundings are also works of architecture, including a set of steps carved out of the rock that leads to the temple. A nearby old fort with remnants that are thought to date from the 15th century is another attraction open to visitors.


Barunei Hill gives visitors a tranquil and serene atmosphere in addition to its historical and architectural value. There are also a number of beautiful picnic places and nature paths nearby.


The Hill is approximately 7 km long and 800 m wide. To go to the Barunei and Karunei temples, you must ascend around 88 steps. This hill is approximately 304.8 meters high, and the Barunei temple is located 150 meters above sea level.


Other Tourist Spots Near Barunei Hill Temple


  • About a kilometer away from this Barunei Hill is Khordha Gargh.

  • 22 kilometers separate from Barunei Hill and Pirbaba of Kaipadar Ramchandi.

  • Barunei Hill is roughly 25 kilometers away from Mugamanda Ashram.

Means Of Transportation To Barunei Hills

The nearest bus stop from Khordha is located around 4 Km from Maa Barunei Temple & Hill whereas the nearest railway station is Khordha railway station which is at a distance of 11 Km from Maa Barunei Temple. And the nearest airport is Biju Patnaik International Airport which is located around 31 Km from Barunei Temple and Hill.

Barunei Hills and Temple
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Best time to Visit


Every year around the day is the best time to visit Barunei Temple and Hills. But you should be careful of changing weather patterns.

Temple Opening Timings


Barunei Temple is open from Monday to Sunday from 6:30 A.M to 8 P.M.


The Barunei Hill and Temple complex in Odisha consists of a real wonder of design and aesthetics. Both tourists and locals visiting the hill found themselves gasping at its breathtaking scenery and the Barunei Temple’s unique carvings and sculptures. Visitors can take pleasure in discovering the historic ruins of the neighboring fort, admiring the expansive views from the hilltop, or simply taking pleasure in a quiet picnic in the peaceful surroundings. If you want to fully experience Odisha’s rich history and culture while also taking in the area’s breathtaking natural beauty, you must visit the Barunei Hill and Temple complex, So plan a day and give it to the temple and the scenic beauty!