Ansupa Lake – Ticket Price, Distance, Location, Best Time to Visit, and Many More!

Ansupa Lake is a freshwater oxbow lake in the shape of a horseshoe that is 231 hectares (570 acres) in size. It is located in the Cuttack district of Odisha, India, across from Banki on the left bank of the Mahanadi River. The distance to the city of Cuttack is 40 kilometers (25 mi). The lake is a freshwater body of water surrounded by the Saranda Hills, bamboo trees, and mango trees, and it serves as a haven for migratory birds throughout the winter months. There are amenities for fishing and boating. Since 2021, the lake has been listed as a protected Ramsar site.


The specialty of Ansupa Lake is biodiversity where you can see animals from many ecosystems. Thus, the Lake was granted Ramsar status


The hills and the enormous agricultural fields burst into bright green during the monsoon, when nature rejoices, making the drive even more captivating. A lovely park with boating amenities has been built at the lake’s western edge, near the base of the former Saranda Garh. A somber sensation is seeing white water lilies, blooming lotus blossoms, and gorgeous migratory birds against a blue background.

Ansupa Lake, Cuttack, Odisha


Simply sitting down in one of the many parks sheds to admire nature’s creation is enjoyable. On top of Saranda Hill, there are remnants of a historic fort built by the Keshari dynasty that dates to around the 10th century AD. According to legend, the fort’s doors were so heavy that all nearby communities could hear the clinging sound they made when they closed. The only remnants of the former building bearing witness to a small but thriving kingdom are the entrance to the fabled door, a storage cell for ammunition, and an old well.


The hillock’s guard tower, located near its northeastern tip, offers vast views of the spectacular water body and the plains that surround it. Additionally, there are three beautifully designed bamboo cottages on the property that provide lodging options. The distinctive wetland is the perfect getaway location for anyone seeking a calm and reflective weekend.

Ansupa Lake, Odisha

How To Reach Ansupa Lake

52 kilometers to the north of Bhubaneswar, Chowdwar (in the Cuttack district) is the best way to travel from.


Transportation- Local Taxis are easily accessible from Cuttack and Bhubaneswar. The Cuttack railway station also offers auto rickshaw service.

Best Time To Visit Ansupa Lake

November through February is the ideal time to visit Ansupa Lake to enjoy the scenic beauty to its fullest and fresh mind.


The serene setting of Ansupa Lake which is surrounded by rich vegetation and undulating hills, makes it the ideal getaway for individuals who enjoy the outdoors and are looking for some peace and quiet moment away from the hustle-bustle of life. Ansupa Lake offers a wonderful experience for birdwatching, boating, and picnicking because of its expansive body of water, diverse birdlife, and picturesque splendor. The lake’s ecological importance and contribution to the neighborhood environment contribute to its allured refreshment. Ansupa Lake is a true refuge for both residents and visitors, providing a restorative respite from the hectic city life and a chance to interact with nature in all its beauty.